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MRAS Portfolio Tracking System

In an effort to create an advanced, computer-based aircraft monitoring and tracking system, ACI Aviation Consulting (ACI) has developed the Maintenance Records Audit System (MRAS).

With a focus on providing cost effective asset monitoring solutions, ACI has spent over two years developing the MRAS aviation monitoring platform.

The MRAS platform provides its users with the highest levels of support and security possible for your asset management function.

Key features of the MRAS platform include:

  • MRAS is not just a document storage system. All data is audited as it is entered into the platform by ACI staff
  • MRAS allows the lessor to track the maintenance status, location and utilization of each asset
  • Each aircraft is assigned a discrete file within MRAS, with access strictly controlled by you
  • Previous audits are automatically compared to the most current data (accumulated flight hours, cycles and major component status).
  • MRAS Identifies problems and inconsistencies and notifies lessor via E-mail
    • No or low utilization (may indicate a stored aircraft)
    • Overdue maintenance checks
    • Location of engines and maintenance status
    • Inconsistent data
    • Damage
    • Other
  • Each audit contains ACI's opinion and recommendations
  • Allows secure access to audits from any on-line location; including source documents, photographs and other audit and operator data. Data may be printed directly off the system
  • Asset audits are conducted for a fixed fee (per audit) with no additional expenses (travel or man-day) incurred (subscription to a minimum number of annual assets are required)
  • Allows subscribers to focus their attention on problem assets while maintaining a significant level of due diligence

Follow-on MRAS products will include the Airliner Price Guide interface. This interface will allow MRAS clients with the option to display current market values for each individual aircraft and their entire portfolio entered into the MRAS platform. This option is expected to be launched within the next quarter.

The MRAS platform is designed to offer its users a cost effective portfolio monitoring solution. ACI is eager to discuss this product and, upon your review; we would like to schedule a convenient time to share its unique capabilities with you.